Tips on Using Action Baits

When Fishing Current...

When current is moving past bridge pilings, cast the grub to the down current side of the pole and let it free-fall straight toward bottom.

When Standing Timber...

In standing timber, work a grub vertically through the branches.  Instead of being pulled across limbs, when it might snag, it drops into holes between them.

When Drop - Offs...

When fishing grubs on drop-offs, old creek channels, first locate structure (stumps, treetops, etc.)  Ideal structure would be located on the shallow side of the drop with additional structure located deep.  For best results, cast to the shallow side of the drop and slowly work off the ledge to the deep trash.

"Always"! stay in good contact with your line and grub, both visually and feel.  Always watch for slight twitches of the line.  When your bait is falling, if it stops too soon set the hook.

99% of the time, strikes will occur while the grub is falling!

When RipRap...

 Around riprap and rocky shorelines, use the stranded plastic-worm retrieve with a grub, toss-lag it near the bank and bringing it down the incline in short hops.

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